Spring summer 2023 trends, the triumph of colors

Donna in costume con colori


It’s time to release that bursting, irrepressible craving for color. After the years of stress and hardship, it is quite natural now to want meaningful change: let us then release the pent-up energy from periods of isolation and lack of travel, and let us welcome the enthusiasm and vitality that only the warm season can bring. Are you ready? The best way to start is to range from one color to a completely different shade.
If you don’t know how to do it, just take a look at the new spring/summer 2023 trends: an explosion of colors, telling positive emotions, places that are close and at the same time far away, enchanted lands, the sense of discovery enclosed in traveling. Starring in this disruptive mood is swimwear, which, after the pandemic, has naturally had an exponential upswing.

Yellow, in all its nuances, will be one of the prominent colors this year. Loaded with energy and brightness, it certainly looks like the sun-inspired color will succeed in revitalizing the summer palette, which also features oversize prints and tropical patterns.

Pink and orange remain an evergreen that you can never say no to. Magenta and fuchsia, an expression of empowerment and grit, and saturated pinks, associated with glamorous accessories and precious decorations, predominate.

Mystical purples such as eggplant color and pink are returning to fashion garments after several seasons of fluorescent hues. Described as “sunset colors”, they will bring out the idea of freedom and romance that every woman has.

And finally red and blue, timeless colors. Blue undoubtedly remains the number one color group on the catwalks, while red is still the best-selling hue for many brands. We find them mostly in geometric dye effects and psychedelic trippy prints.

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